What! Skydiving in India! Who? How? Where?

Skyhigh India, India’s first commercial drop zone conducts offers skydiving in India

Your adrenaline and adventure desires is now able to satiated on Indian soil. Yes, Skydiving is here now, its affordable, accessible and safe!


Go Ahead Now. You have to book a minimum of 72 hours ahead of time, so block your slot now. USPA skydiving license presently offers only tandem jumps. Tandem skydiving may be the easiest and safest method to skydive the very first time. It enables you to definitely feel the thrill of the first skydive securely strapped and safely harnessed for an experienced instructor. You share the parachute using the instructor who controls the jump, enabling you to just feel the hurry and relish the view! After 1 hour of ground training, you can have the excitement of jumping from 10,000 ft. Skydiving is known as an excellent distressing activity and simultaneously it is known to increase performance making your reflexes more powerful. The pure adrenaline of boost your confidence although the sky and flying just like a bird is rejuvenating and may help release stress and relax. Skydiving holidays may be the new health spa, the brand new getaway and also the most recent trend among north India vacationers.


The position of the hide your body’s most embarrassing nervous reactions boost your confidence drop zone enables you to definitely plan a whole vacation around skydiving. The drop zone is situated between Delhi and Agra. You can go to the Taj Mahal, that’s located just two hrs from the drop zone. Attractive places like Fatehpur Sikri, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, the Chambal resorts and lots of other holidaymaker destinations are at easy driving distance. Not just is USPA-affiliated drop zones situated in an excellent location, it’s also the right spot for a weekend getaway in the hectic city existence. There’s something to complete for everybody at Skyhigh. You are able to participate as well as you need to be a spectator of aero sporting activities the drop zone is really as welcoming to viewers because it is to skydivers. skydiving competitions India believes in giving skydivers, their associated buddies and family and viewers a real experience with an worldwide drop zone. In addition to the training room and lounge area, there’s specifically designed viewers gallery in the drop zone for individuals who would like to witness an active skydive. Skyhigh is the best weekend getaway, or even the perfect holiday plan, you may make an excursion and back, continue your trip to Agra or numerous other tourist destinations or perhaps stay the night time in Aligarh after which plan further travel.

Aligarh can also be very easily located. You will find over 29 buses from Delhi ISBT to Aligarh plying every 2-3 hrs and also the approximate travel time is 2 and half hrs. You may also employ a private taxi or contact Skyhigh for any special Skyhigh luxury transport service out of your doorstep in Delhi towards the drop zone.

You will find 45 trains from Delhi to Aligarh plying every two hrs and also the approximate travel time is 2 hrs.

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