Wedding Cakes: For Your Special Day

Wedding Cakes: For Your Special Day

Wedding cake toppings and toppings can be as versatile as you want them to be. Not every couple utilizes the opportunity to customize their wedding cake with a cake topper, but couples who shop around will quickly see that there are wedding cake toppings available to fit any style of the bride and groom’s personalities, wedding reception theme, and wedding budget!

The best way to choose a designer for your wedding cake is of course through personal recommendations. If you have friends who have got married recently were particularly pleased with their wedding cakes, those designers would be a good place to start. Perhaps you have a favorite local bakery, where you buy muffins each week for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Do they also design wedding cakes?

People that start to order cakes online rarely stop and for good reason. Not only can they get the exact style and flavors that they want, the cakes usually taste better. Local bakers make up batches of cakes at a time. It is a common practice to freeze the cakes and then defrost and decorate them as they are ordered. In addition, cakes that are made for display are rarely made that morning unless the bakery is extremely busy. In contrast, online cake companies have much lower overhead and they are usually able to concentrate on just cakes. That professional focus makes for better tasting cakes. Online ordering translates into a cake made yesterday or even that morning in some cases. Next time you are looking for a cake try cake delivery online. Chances are you will love the results and be back to order another cake in the near future!

Consider a towel cake gift for your next celebration. Birthday towel cakes can be created for any age. Be creative and include items that you think the recipient will enjoy, For example, a spa towel cake is typically a great gift for any busy woman and can include items such as lotions, bath beads, a luffa, etc. While a child's birthday towel cake could be a bath time cake and include a bath towel and wash cloth along with bath time toys and bubble bath and could even be themed to their favorite character. But let's not stop at birthdays, towel cakes can be created for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, bar mitzvahs, off-to-college, over-the-hill, baby's homecoming, Christenings, housewarming, anything goes!

Deciding the type of icing on your wedding cake need not be complicated, however, if you know what you are looking for. You simply have to understand what each type is, and what it is for.

One of the trendiest frostings currently being used by cake designers everywhere is the fondant or rolled fondant icing. Made from glucose or corn syrup and shortening, fondant not only holds up well under most conditions, but it can also be given a shimmery look that adds extra dazzle to a wedding cake. Fondant can be draped to look like yards of ribbon, twisted, folded and applied easily to the surface of a wedding cake – making it a tasty, versatile and beautiful frosting.