About Strawberry Cake

About Strawberry Cake

If your wedding has a theme, you might want to consider embellishing or decorating your cake with something that embodies it. A beach themed wedding cake topper might feature flip flops, the bride and groom by a beach hut, or the bridal couple underneath palm trees. An Asian-themed cake topper could be an ornate fan in the wedding colors or the Chinese (Japanese or Korean) character or kanji for “love” etched on glass atop their wedding cake. Just for fun, a winter wedding bride and groom may have their wedding cake topper be two snowmen- one wearing a wedding veil and the other wearing a black top hat.

Wedding cakes traditionally have three layers; are covered in hard white frosting; and have a small plastic model of a bride and groom on top. A cake of this sort, decorated by an expert cake designer, can look very beautiful. However, more cutting-edge brides have been choosing a wedding cake that is more unusual, in colors that range from one end of the rainbow to the other. One logical choice is to match the color of your cake to the theme of your wedding. Although cakes are traditionally either round or square, many other shapes are also possible, and an asymmetrical design can look very elegant.

Cakes are actually not too difficult to ship. With the proper packing materials and some extra icing included for touch ups there is rarely a problem with cake delivery. Online cake companies spend both time and money to ensure that their cakes arrive in good shape and make their customers happy. In addition, there are delivery services that specialize in online cake delivery and the shipment of other food items. Moreover, cakes are often ordered online and then delivered personally by the baker to the event. This is a fairly common practice on the East Coast. Next time you fall in love with a bakery make sure to take a card and ask them if they ship. The answer is usually yes.

In the past, these intricate masterpieces were only given as Bridal Shower and Wedding gifts and were crafted to mirror the couple's wedding cake and colors. While both Bridal Shower Towel Cakes and Wedding Towel Cakes continue to be very popular and allow gift givers to avoid the dreaded gift registry, towel cakes are now available for just about every occasion you can think of and make a very unique and useful gift… They also make incredible centerpieces!

There are many kinds of icings on wedding cakes. Therefore, the task is not only limited to deciding on the design and the number of layers of the cake, it extends to knowing which type of icing should top the wonderful layers as well. Deciding on the type of icing is as complicated as looking for cheap wedding dresses.

The most common and by far the frosting most used on traditional wedding cakes is buttercream. This creamy, light frosting is made with sugar, butter and eggs and can easily be flavored or colored. Buttercream is so popular because